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Health and Wellbeing Working Group

The following members sit on this Working Group:

Purpose: This working group exists to deliver 6.1 and 6.4 of the Town Council’s Business Plan for 2020-2023 to lobby for adequate Primary Health Care facilities that relate to the growth of the town and to develop and promote initiatives or events relating to improving physical and mental health within Congleton.


  • To work with others to achieve a safe, professionally staffed, drop-in mental health centre for adults in Congleton
  • To raise awareness of the importance of mental health and accessible rapid help for those with poor mental health
  • To promote services and organisations aimed at helping reduce poor mental health
  • To reduce the stigma attached to mental health
  • To understand, promote and where possible strengthen the primary health care offer within Congleton
  • To make sure that the service provided at Mountview continues to be offered in Congleton


  • Created a mental health page on this website
  • Met with members of the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and Cheshire East Council to discuss the Five-Year Plan for Mental Health services in Cheshire and to express Congleton’s interest in being a pilot town for Mental Health projects
  • Visited Cheshire’s first Mental Health Crisis hub in Chester
  • Attended the Wellbeing Fayre in Congleton Town Hall- helping to organise the 2020 Fayre
  • Part of the Cheshire East Wellbeing Network
  • Created a calendar of Mental Health awareness days to promote
  • Linked and assisted Visyon in seeking funding to help extend programmes for 18-24 year olds
  • Conducted a Health and Wellbeing Survey into how COVID-19 has affected the Congleton Community

Next Steps:

  • Continue to lobby for a mental health hub in Congleton
  • Connecting with voluntary service providers in Congleton
  • Creating a Congleton Living Well leaflet to let people know about local offers
  • Meet with Cheshire East Council about the future of Mountview
  • Take forward discussions with the NHS Trust about the Minor Injuries Unit
  • Develop a Business Plan for a Mental Health Crisis Café in Congleton

Partners: This group collaborates with the following:

How Can You Help: The Health and Wellbeing of the town is of vital importance for us all. Please review the information on the website about physical and mental health and if you know about something that has been omitted please tell us. If you are prepared to be part of a discussion group or panel on mental health for Congleton, please send us your details by email to info@congleton-tc.gov.uk.