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Funding Opportunities

Are you looking for funding or grants In Congleton? There are several trusts and funds that you can apply to help get your project/idea off the ground with some financial help. We need passionate people like you to drive ideas and projects forward for the good of everyone in the town.

Below is a list of Trusts and Charities which are available to access in Congleton, each one will have its own rules and regulations, what it will and won’t fund so please view the relevant information and contact the organisation directly if you have any questions.

The Town Council discusses grant applications at its Finance and Policy Committees which are held five times a year..

Name:  Congleton Town Council

Background: Congleton Town Council awards approximately £61,000 in grants to local groups and organisations. A proportion of this sum is granted annually to specific groups It also provides major grants to Congleton Partnership, Citizens Advice Bureau and Congleton Community Projects, leaving approximately £15,000 for community grants to be applied for, via the grant application process. These applications are discussed at the Council’s Finance & Policy Committee which is held every 5 times a year.

Funding: Open for applications.

Name: William Dean Trust

Contact: No website. Registered Address: 51 Moss Road, Congleton, CW12 3BN. williamdeantrust@gmail.com

Background: The trust was established in accordance with the wishes of William Dean who died on 6th October 1993 to promote the advancement of education for the public benefit relating to natural history, ecology, and conservation of the natural environment.

Funding: Applications are open to the trust, grants typically range from £200-£3000 although larger grants will also be considered.

Name: Congleton Inclosure Trust

Background: Congleton Inclosure Trust is a charity focused on funding community projects in the Congleton Borough area. The Congleton Inclosure Trust was first established by an Act of 1795 whereby certain local wastelands were transferred to Trustees to enclose the land and let it to local residents with the rent being used for the relief of poverty in the Town. The trust has an amazing history of over 200 years, in the last 25 years alone over £1.25 million has been granted for projects of benefit to the community.

Funding: No limits. Meetings are held quarterly on the last Wednesday of January, April, July and October. Applications should be submitted as early as possible for each quarter.

The last date for applying is the end of the previous month before the applicable meeting. E.g. by December 31st for the January meeting.

Name: Congleton Town Trust

Background: The Congleton Town Trust is very much part of the history of the town – indeed donations to the town made 400 years ago are now administered by the present Trustees of the Town Trust. Initially, the income of the Trust came from various sources following gifts to the town for various charitable purposes from benefactors – some quite small amounts and others more substantial.

Funding: Meetings are held quarterly on the second Tuesday of January, April, July and October. Applications should be submitted as early as possible for any given quarter.

Name: Margaret’s Williamson Fund

Background: The fund keeps alive the memory of Margaret Williamson, Congleton’s “First Lady”, who died in 2015. Margaret was a driving force and inspiration to improve Congleton and the aim of the Fund is to keep that spirit going.

The Fund will give priority to ideas and projects based in Congleton and District which meet

one or more of the following criteria:

  • Provide opportunities for people to take part in musical, theatrical, literary,
  • performing art, dance, or other artistic activities.
  • Provide opportunities for education and awareness of the natural environment, especially among young people.
  • Conserve or improve the natural environment for the benefit of the people in Congleton and District

Funding: In 2022 the fund board distributed £4700 to community projects. Each year the board will announce the amount to be distributed and when the fund is open for applications. Usually in the first quarter of the year. 

Name: Congleton Young Peoples Trust

Contact: No website. Registered office address: 29 Chapel Lane, Rode Heath, Stoke On Trent, Staffs, ST7 3SD

Background: Start date: 19 February 1986 Grants for projects that help children and young people the former Congleton borough.

Funding: We look for letters of application for small grants, typically £250, from organisations or individuals seeking to support the young people of Congleton.

Name: John Holford Charity

Background: The John Holford has been in existence since 1712 and has been helping people in need across the former Congleton borough. Applications can be from individuals and organisations which help those in need.

Funding: Open for applications, visit the website.

If you become aware of other local charities that you believe should be included in this section please contact info@congleton-tc.gov.uk with details.