Honorary Burgesses

The Council may award a title of “Honorary Burgess” in recognition of service to Congleton Town. There is no legal significance to this title nor does it confer any rights or privileges. Burgesses are however invited to all full Council meetings and sent copies of agendas and non confidential reports.

To mark the conferring of this title, the Council will present the recipient with a document  which will take the form of a resolution of the Council.

The number of “Honorary Burgesses” shall be restricted to 25 living persons.

Recipients must be residents of Congleton Town who, by their actions, have served the Town for the benefit of the Community. Employees and sitting Members of the Council shall not be recipients.

At the present time there are 4 “Honorary Burgesses” that have been appointed by the Town.

They are Mr G Baxendale, Mr E Clarke, Mr D Parker and Mr J Pollard.

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