Town Mayor
A message from the Mayor in the current COVID-19 pandemic

Every year, in May, the Town Councillors elect one of their fellow Councillors to become Town Mayor for the year. The Town Mayor is usually the Deputy Town Mayor from the previous year.

At Congleton Town Council’s first virtual Council meeting on Thursday 28th May 2020, it was voted that the roles of Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor will stay the same through until May 2021. Cllr Sally Ann Holland will remain as Town Mayor and Cllr Denis Murphy as Deputy Town Mayor.

The Town Mayor raises funds for a local charity or charities of their choice. The Mayor also Chairs the Council meetings and hosts civic events throughout the year and attends many functions on behalf of the people of Congleton. These range from opening garden parties, to school visits, attending functions in neighbouring towns to helping switch on the Christmas Lights. Due to the current COVID-19 situation all events have been cancelled and are due to be re-scheduled when appropriate to do so.

To contact the Town Mayor please email:

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Town Mayor’s Cadet Scheme

The Town Mayors Cadet Scheme was introduced in 2009 by the then Mayor Councillor Denis Murphy. Each year a new Mayor’s Cadet is recruited from the various Youth organisations in Congleton.
In May 2019 Eloise Williams from Congleton Rangers was selected as the Town Mayor’s Cadet to accompany the Town Mayor on many of her official duties. For the civic year 2020/21, Eloise will remain as the Mayor’s Cadet.

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