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Town Mayor

Every year, in May, the town councillors elect one of their fellow councillors to become Town Mayor for the year. The Town Mayor is usually the Deputy Town Mayor from the previous year.

Cllr Denis Murphy was elected new Mayor of Congleton at a virtual Mayor Making ceremony held at the start of the Town Council’s Annual Town Meeting held on the 6th May 2021. Cllr Murphy will now serve as Mayor until May 2022. Cllr Murphy was previously Mayor of Congleton in 2008-2009 and 2014-2015.

The Mayor chose Mrs Joan Myatt to be his Consort, Rev Father William Kilkenny of St Mary’s Chapel has agreed to be Mayor’s Chaplain and Tom Gilman, Explorer Scout with Dane Valley Scout Group will be the Mayor’s Cadet for the forthcoming year. Councillor Margaret Gartside was elected as Deputy Mayor for the year.

The newly elected Mayor said: “I am looking forward to serving Congleton as Mayor over the next 12 months and will endeavour to do so to the best of my ability and with integrity, honesty and enthusiasm. I have a great team around me with my Consort, Cadet and Chaplain and I look forward to representing the town.”

During the year, the Mayor will be raising funds for various charities, but will be focusing predominately on The Christie Cancer Unit at Macclesfield Hospital and Local Youth Cadet Services. The Mayor also chairs the council meetings and hosts civic events throughout the year and attends many functions on behalf of the people of Congleton. These range from opening garden parties, to school visits, attending functions in neighbouring towns to helping switch on the Christmas Lights.

Following government guidelines no events will take place while COVID-19 restrictions remain in force until 21st June 2021. Events will be scheduled when it is safe and appropriate to do so.

To contact the Town Mayor please email: info@congleton-tc.gov.uk

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Town Mayor’s Cadet Scheme

Town Mayor’s Cadet Tom Gilman

The Town Mayors Cadet Scheme was introduced in 2009 by Cllr Denis Murphy when he was in office as Town Mayor. Each year a new Mayor’s Cadet is recruited from the various Youth organisations in Congleton.

Tom Gilman from Dane Valley Scout Group was selected as the Town Mayor’s Cadet to accompany the Town Mayor on many of his official duties during 2021-2022.

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