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Town Mayor

Every year, in May, the town councillors elect one of their fellow councillors to become Town Mayor for the year. The Town Mayor is usually the Deputy Town Mayor from the previous year.

Cllr Rob Moreton was elected as Town Mayor until May 2024. His civic team comprises his wife Helen, Mayoress, Steve Hodgkinson, New Life Church as his Chaplain and Mayor’s Cadet- Amelia Downing from the Congleton West Rangers. Cllr Kay Wesley will serve as Deputy Mayor joined by her Consort Mike Wesley.

A special civic service and parade was held on Sunday 2 July to offically welcome the the new town mayor. Read more:

Town Mayor’s Charities

The mayor’s chosen charities will be Vale Juniors Kickabout and Visyon. The town mayor said: “It gives me massive pleasure in announcing the new initiative set up by Vale Juniors FC as one of my mayoral charities. Kickabout gives an opportunity for children of all ages to attend weekly football sessions free of charge. They currently have over 60 children attending twice a week and have a large waiting list, this is something dear to my heart and is a fantastic way for children not affiliated to a football club to have fun in a controlled environment. Regardless of ability, everyone should have a chance to play football and other sports. My other charity this year is Visyon, who offer counselling services to our younger residents. Our children need access to these services more than ever with all the pressures of life put on their young shoulders. I can’t wait to get fundraising to help support these two amazing local causes.”

To invite the mayor to your special event or community occasion email: mayor@congleton-tc.gov.uk

Find out what the mayor has been up to on his Facebook page: ‘Rob Moreton A Mayor’s Diary’

Civic Team 2023-2024

Mike Wesley, Consort & Cllr Kay Wesley, Deputy Town Mayor