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Nuisance Parking

Parking your vehicle at a junction or on the pavement can cause a major hazard as it reduces visibility for other motorists and pedestrians crossing the road or can force pedestrians into the road and potential danger.

Congleton Town Council and Congleton Neighbourhood Policing Unit have produced the fliers below which you can print and use to warn drivers about the problems their inconsiderate parking is causing residents.



You can also pick up copies at the Congleton Information Centre in the Town Hall.

The Highway Code advises drivers not to stop or park opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction except in an authorised parking space. This allows motorists emerging from, or turning into, the junction a clear view of the road they are joining, enabling them to see hazards such as pedestrians or cyclists.

The thorny issues of pavement parking is being considered by the Department of Transport. Parking on pavements may sometimes seems the safest option for residents to ensure the free flow of traffic, but this practice has a detrimental impact on pedestrians – especially those with mobility difficulties, sight impairments or those with pushchairs or young children who may be forced into the road and traffic to get passed.

Cheshire East Council as the Highways Authority is keen to hear of problem areas and has pledged: ‘Where parking is causing a problem, you can report it. If there is evidence of an ongoing problem, we’ll try to find a solution.’ You can report a problem to Cheshire East Council via this link to their website page, click here.

Where a parked car is causing a nuisance but there are no restrictions such as double yellow lines or ‘no parking’ signs, Cheshire East Highway Enforcement Officers cannot take action and the council advises that you should report it to the Police on 101. This includes where parking is putting children or other road users at risk, parking within 10 metres of a junction, and parking that is blocking a driveway.

Police resources mean that officers cannot be everywhere and all requests for support need to be prioritised. Congleton Town Council has worked with the Congleton Neighbourhood Police Unit to develop the posters above that you can use if you are concerned about people parking on pavements or parking near a junction.