Shopping in Congleton

Shop Safe in Congleton

Most shops in town re-opened on the 12th April or so afterwards, although many pubs, cafes and restaurants without appropriate outdoor space will wait until customers can sit inside a premises (expected to be the 17th May) It is worth checking out local Congleton businesses on their websites and social media pages to see what they can currently offer and their latest updates.

When shopping in town be aware of the need to still wear masks inside of properties, give others space and for frequent hand washing. 

#staysafe #keepitlocal

The Congleton Town Council business directory is a free service offered by the Town Council for use by residents and visitors to the area. If you would like your business adding to the business directory, please submit your listing below for approval.[0]=68.ARBAAkIM9VAuAk19UhI967g60EeUdIDDLpy1DAV8hIn7lbtTuyg8_yZ_8nKr1UHKQbkm1FRtHgiWqc7988VrgsFaQPqJyFzGy_16S10t8-_hqdXV5KR4js7LaohNX0DblNQo4wJfBhYoJT9UiwmDIMfshINpC5zpsWIFKQUo-KCq4uyL3OULYdfH5lr2gneyc0-yP-ekCZvjLzKjAwW1WbRfgpjOSVciFPMy0Nvf1iExrfMO4g3IkivS5COaQAX9HBquwRWnrcrF0TZCEtEitGWqBWgeHKJ0BJJ1auaVAGu5PEJTGgjwXn4kk2ZrWs4Q5mkusc9mv_UavNCpdaZNv3xeZ2TtuvLX7kpPSfvW-9fPQtu_t5eYzZFalugAEiuRxq3ttEWVlXCLvC9E6z5zCAoqx5MgSZmHmjY5NhSpZi7Gl_mYcMACLc-Nmi5xxSSOMVYn7uSvOJdlr2qZ4WmkD4uKb42bKTwuTkbNZXkr4-lrJjtSRapyi__2sxOALBgbMQ
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