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Green Council

Congleton Town Council declared a Climate Change Emergency on the 19th September 2019 at the Town Council Meeting and pledged to:

  • Make Congleton Town Council’s activities and operations carbon neutral by 2025
  • In all discussions, debates and decision-making procedures ensure that the climate and environmental impact is thoroughly considered and recorded
  • Report back on actions and plans within three months (report to Community and Environment Committee on the 7th November 2019) and on a regular basis.

In this Section

Here you can find information about what the Council is doing to reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Congleton Green

A number of groups under the umbrella of ‘Congleton Green’ are working collaboratively with the council on different initiatives to help people living or working in Congleton to become more sustainable. The Congleton Green Working Group will be supporting numerous environmental and sustainability initiatives over the year. Every month, the group works to a calendar, the activities to the end of 2023 can be viewed here. The calendar is a working document and will be subject to change.

Congleton Green Calendar online

Actions taken since September 2019

Understanding the baseline footprint of the Town Hall. This was conducted by Dr Barry Speed from the Congleton Sustainability Group based on our purchasing and energy bills using best practice and industry recognised methodology.

Headline Figures are now available for 2018- 2019,  2019- 2020,  2020-2021. The baseline figure for 2018-19 was 231,000kg of CO2 or 231 tonnes. The Green Working Group of the Town Council believe it should be possible to reduce emissions by 90,000kg which would leave a residue of 131,000kg that would need to be offset.

Main areas that The Town Council can have a direct impact on are:

  • Electricity use in the Town Hall
  • Gas use in the Town Hall
  • Cleaning Chemicals for the Town Hall
  • Lease of Vehicles
  • Work related transport options
  • Plant and compost purchasing
  • Councillor and Staff Travel
  • Paddling Pool operational options
  • Town Council plastic use
  • Outdoor chemical use
  • How we manage our open spaces

Other policies are being put in place to ensure that our purchasing polices are as green as possible for example, using local suppliers and reusing and recycling wherever possible.

Here you can learn more about the Congleton Green Working Group of Congleton Town Council.

Supporting our Residents and Businesses

Congleton Town Council actively encourages everyone in Congleton to adopt more sustainable ways of living and doing business. In this section of our website you will find a lot of resources to help you.

You might like to take our free eLearning Course: Sustainable Living in Congleton. This takes between 15 and 30 minutes to complete and has sections on the home, transport, food and waste, with lots of links to other information and resources.

You could attend our annual Green Fayre and learn from the experts including local charities and providers of green products.

Also, browse this website where you will find pages for Green Living and Green Business.

Last updated: 6th February 2024