Congleton Partnership



The Congleton Partnership is a community based volunteer organisation which carries out projects, events and improvements in the town. Local people are the key to the success of the Congleton Partnership. It relies on the passion, commitment, ideas and expertise of local people to bring projects to life. Everything the Partnership does is about making Congleton a vibrant, happy, healthy town where people want to live, work, rest and play.

The Partnership is led by an Executive Committee, the majority of which are residents, but it also includes representatives of Congleton Town Council, Cheshire East Council and local trusts.

The Partnership has a number of sub-groups. Whatever your interested in there is a group that could do with your help and support. Current groups include the Sustainability Group – which is responsible for Congleton Apple Juice, Congleton Cider, the Watch your Watts campaign, introducing orchards, Food4Free and promoting and pushing alternative energy sources. Congleton Creative group is interested in promoting the arts – in all its various forms  – into the town. The Senior Forum looks to connect and improve the lives of Congleton’s older residents, while the Youth Forum plays a similar role for the younger residents. The Bearteam looks at marketing opportunities for the town and delivered the very successful Bearmania project. These are all supported by an administrator.

The Partnership has delivered a number of infrastructure projects for Congleton including the Town Noticeboards, the Town Entry signs, the finger posts around the town and the River Dane Walkway. It has also been a major partner in the recent Antrobus Street Gardens, Parklive and supports In Bloom and numerous other projects.

To find out more about The Partnership, its structure, plans and achievements and to see how you can be part of this key group for Congleton please see the Congleton Partnership website.