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Green Purchasing and Consumption

Congleton Town Council has a Procurement Policy that states that we will

  • purchase locally wherever possible
  • For other than small value purchases, ask for the environmental and social credentials of the supplier
  • purchase Fair Trade goods where possible
  • purchase re-cycled goods or less environmentally damaging materials where they meet the required functional standard.

As part of our Climate Emergency programme, the Council will work to make this policy more robust from a sustainability and carbon footprint point of view.

Congleton Town Council has removed single-use plastics wherever possible and no longer uses plastic cups. We are also cutting down on paper use, encouraging everyone to use electronic copies of documents wherever possible.

When feasible the Council re-uses and recycles paper and plastic and encourages everyone to cut down on waste.

The Council is looking at all the products it uses for cleaning and maintenance of our property, ensuring that chemicals harmful to the environment are not used.

Congleton Town Council works with independent suppliers and purchases local, sustainable produce for our events.

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Last updated: 16th November 2022