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Congleton Town Hall Decarbonisation Progress

The energy consumption of the Town Hall – both gas and electricity – are the two largest contributors to our Carbon Footprint. During 2021, annual energy and water consumption at the Town Hall cost £27,688 and resulted in the emission of 96.2 tonnes CO2e. With this mind we are pursuing a decarbonisation project to minimise our energy consumption.

So far we have:

  1. Commissioned a carbon emission reduction review and report from energy experts Tomson Consulting. This report has given us a road map and set of actions that we can work through to bring down our energy consumption.
  2. Worked with the provider of our original heating system to better understand the way that it works and how we can make it more efficient.
  3. Relocated our building thermostats so that they operate correctly. This will reduce gas usage.
  4. Installed Timers on our hot water so they are not on 24/7. This has reduced electricity usage.
  5. Engaged a software company to recode our building management software so that we can use heating zones rather one temperature control point. This will reduce gas usage and extend the life of the boilers.
  6. Started a programme of replacing light bulbs with LED Lighting. This will reduce electricity usage.
  7. Insulated all of the exposed pipework relating to the space and hot water distribution pipework.
  8. Reduced air infiltration around windows in first and second floor offices.

Projects that we are currently investigating and planning:

  • Secondary glazing to first floor offices windows
  • PIR Sensors for lighting in some areas
  • Roof Insulation in appropriate office areas not restricted by heritage building status.
  • Pilot solar power project on hidden part of roof to generate electricity for Museum.
  • Replacement of destratification fans in Main Hall and Bridestones Suite.

Long Term Projects for which we will review feasibility and apply for Grant Funding include:

  1. Air to water source heat pump for domestic hot water system
  2. Air to water source heat pump for heating system
  3. Solar glass to replace plexi-glass over circular windows in main hall.

Inspectors have rated Congleton Town Hall ‘C’ under the standardised Energy Performance ratings. You can see the Town Hall’s Display Energy Certificate here.

This is what the Town Council is doing or investigating to reduce the carbon footprint of its building. You can find out more about what you can do to

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Last updated: 2nd May 2023