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Congleton Town Council uses transport in a variety of ways and we are endeavouring to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our environmental footprint as follows.

Lease of Vehicles

Our Streetscape team uses vans to access the outdoor areas they maintain.  Both these and the equipment Streetscape uses accounts for approximately 26% of the Council’s carbon footprint, at 47,000 kg CO2e per annum.

Ways we are reducing the carbon emissions from Streetscape operations include:

  • Reducing the number of vans we use
  • Changing to electric vans when contracts expire
  • Reducing mileage by reconsidering working patterns
  • Using more locally-grown plants and more perennials
  • Reducing mowing of green spaces

Councillor and Staff Travel

Council committee meetings have by law to be conducted face-to-face, but the Council is looking at reducing motor vehicle travel wherever possible, by

  • Conducting working groups by video conference
  • Trialling observation observation of committee meetings (by non-voting members, the press and the public) by video conference.
  • Encouraging Councillors and Staff to walk, cycle, or use public transport.
  • Organising shared transport wherever possible, when Councillors or Staff attend site visits.

In 2022 we installed state-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment in the Bridestones Suite of the Town Hall to help facilitate this. It also allows us to hire out this room with high-quality videoconferencing as an option for our customers.

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Last updated: 6th February 2024