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Cllr Margaret Gartside, Town Mayor, at the Green Fayre

Green Community

Congleton Town Council encourages residents and businesses to help drive biodiversity and reduce waste and carbon emissions as part of its ‘Congleton Green’ campaign.

The Council asks everyone to join in the campaign with a ‘selfie’.

The Council invites everyone – residents and businesses – to send in a photo or a 20-second video (filmed on a phone) showing what they are doing on the Green Topic of the Month.

You can see all the topics in the Congleton Town Council Green Calendar here.

You can share images or videos any time during the month, on social media such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Please add a short description and the relevant campaign hashtag plus #CongletonGreen.

To learn more, you can complete the Sustainable Living in Congleton (SLIC) e-Learning course free of charge on the Town Council’s website at https://learn.congleton-tc.gov.uk/

Find more information and resources to help you become more sustainable and reduce your carbon footprint in our Green Living and Green Business sections.

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Last updated: 21st November 2022