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Personnel Committee – 4th August 2022

Time: 5.30pm

Location: Congleton Town Hall

Contact: David McGifford – Chief Officer 

Tel: 01260 270350 Email: info@congleton-tc.gov.uk

The following members sit on this committee:

Printable Agenda and Reports Pack 360KB


1. Apologies for absence.

Members are reminded of the necessity to give apologies in advance of the meeting and to give reasons for absence.

2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting (Enclosed)

To approve the minutes of the Personnel Committee meeting held on 9th December 2021.

3. Declarations of interest

Members are requested to declare both “non-pecuniary” and “pecuniary” interests as early in the meeting as they become aware of it.

4. Outstanding Actions

To review any outstanding actions from previous meetings.

5. Questions from Members of the Public

There will be 15 minutes at each meeting to receive any questions from Members of the Public, either verbally at the meeting including those which have been received in writing 7 days prior to the meeting.

6. Urgent Items

Members may raise urgent items related to this committee but no discussion or decisions may be taken at the meeting.

7. Resolution to Exclude the Public and Press from item 8

To consider passing a resolution in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, that public and press be excluded from the meeting due to private staffing matters.

8. To Receive an Update on Staffing Matters from the Chief Officer (Confidential Report)

To receive an update from the Chief Officer and to consider recommendations contained therein.