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Green Business Award

Going Green’ is good for Business

East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce sits at the heart of Congleton’s business community. In 2022 they introduced a new award ‘The Partnership Cup’, sponsored by Congleton Partnership, the award goes to the company showing the Most Progress Towards Carbon Neutrality.

The first recipient of the award was Congleton-based business H21 Safety for their approach to lowering their carbon footprint by working with their customers and fellow occupiers of Riverside Mill.

Peter Aston, Chair of Congleton Partnership, said:

“We sponsored the award to raise awareness of the enormous challenge we all face from climate change, this is a new business award that we hope will inspire more businesses to take up the challenge of carbon neutrality and win the Partnership Cup!”

“This illustrates the challenge of tacking carbon neutrality. It means very different things to each business. There is lots of of advice, insight and businesses that will work with you to help you progress towards carbon neutrality.

We hope more local businesses will take up the challenge to do something about their business’s carbon footprint and then share their experiences with others!”

A simple way of looking at the subject is to ‘use no fossil fuels at any point of your business activities’. A tough challenge, a stretch target if ever there was one, but that’s what we really must do.

Congleton Partnership is keen to build relationships with businesses and climate change is one area where joint work could make sense.”

You may be also be aware of the Congleton Hydro Project on Havannah Weir. This scheme now provides Siemens with renewable energy. Read the case study of the Congleton Hydro Scheme.

Green Award-Winning Congleton Companies…

Are you a company in Congleton that has won a green award? We would love to showcase your award and your company’s success on this page. Please send details to info@congleton-tc.gov.uk

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Last updated: 18th November 2022

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay