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Case Study – Congleton Hydro

Siemens, a global manufacturing company which has had a factory based in Congleton for over 50 years, is leading the way with sustainability. The company is on target to be carbon net zero in 2022, eight years ahead of schedule.  

In part, this is thanks to the collaboration with Dane Valley Community Energy Ltd (DVCE) which created and now operates Congleton Hydro.

Judith Wiese, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer and member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG said

“Sustainability is in our very DNA. It’s not an option. It’s a business imperative. Based on our successful track record, we’re now setting ourselves even more ambitious targets. We’ll accelerate our efforts and raise the bar to create considerably more value for all our stakeholders. Sustainable business growth goes hand in hand with the value we create for people and our planet.”

Sustainability is at the heart of everything Siemens does. As well as purchasing renewable energy from Congleton hydro they committed to:

  • Zero waste to landfill achieved in October 2011
  • Double-glazed windows to reduce heat loss installed in the Main office block and factory in 2018
  • Omniflow lights, powered by solar and wind, installed in the main car park in November 2021
  • Electric Vehicle charger points installed and commissioned in December 2021

By creating sustainable energy sources, the Siemens Factory in Congleton is now 80% energy-independent, protecting the business from brownouts and blackouts.

You can learn more about Siemens here.

Run By the Community For the Community!

Congleton Hydro is a great example of what can be achieved when stakeholders within a community join forces to tackle a global problem. Congleton Hydro is based just outside Congleton at Havannah village. It is a community-owned hydroelectric system which generates enough electricity to power around 60 homes.

Run entirely by volunteers and funded through a community share raise, the team raised over £700,000 from the local community, including 280 investors. As a non-profit company, all surplus profits will be re-invested back into the community via community grants for green projects.

The energy is sold directly to Siemens via an underground cable, generating a surplus profit of around £5000 per year.

You can learn more about the project on the Congleton Hydro Website or watch the video:

Congleton Hydro may be a small project but it’s a small step in the right direction of a global problem that will affect everyone!


The Congleton Hydro Scheme, generates “Clean Energy” and realizes annual funds for Environmentally/Sustainability-based community projects. It also facilitates increased awareness of environmental and sustainability issues by the provision of an accessible Education Resource for local schools, colleges, and community groups.

The aim is to inspire ‘Green Champions’, it’s only through awareness and inspiring the next generation that lasting change will happen.

Please contact Congleton Hydro for more information.

A new renewable energy initiative in Congleton

Following the success of Congleton Hydro, the team behind it has secured grant funding to develop a brand-new renewable energy scheme.

This time the goal will be to generate power from both hydro and solar sources. The hydro scheme will be located beside the weir near Congleton Park. The team will position solar arrays on the roofs of suitable private and public buildings around Congleton. Apart from generating carbon-free energy, the scheme will provide a focal point for promoting sustainability within the community and an educational resource.

Siemens is exploring the option of taking renewable energy from Park Hydro, we will watch with interest to see how these projects develop.

It’s amazing what can be achieved when you have a group of people determined to make a difference.

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Last updated: 18th November 2022