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Elections 2023-2027

Congleton residents flocked to polling stations across the town to vote for who they want to represent them on Cheshire East Council and Congleton Town Council for the next four years. Thank you to everyone who turned out to vote. It was great news for Congleton that 47 people put themselves forward for the role of councillor, for the 22 seats up for grabs. It was fantastic to see so much drive and energy from all the nominees amidst their campaigning. The town council would like to welcome 12 new councillors and 10 re-elected councillors. The parties are represented by 11 Conservative, 5 Independent, 2 Labour, 2 Liberal Democrat and 2 Women’s Equality Party. Congratulations to the 6 local candidates elected as Cheshire East Councillors.

North Ward

Dawn Allen C

Russell Chadwick C

Emma Hall C

Amanda Martin C


Mark Edwardson I

Heather Seddon L

Liz Wardlaw C

Richard Walton L


Suzie Akers Smith   I

Robert Brittain C

Robert Douglas LD

Suzy Firkin LD

South East

Dave Brown C

Arabella Holland C

Sally Holland C

Heather Pearce I

Kay Wesley WEP

North East

Charles Booth  C

Susie Mead  WEP

Rob Moreton I

Shaun Radcliffe I

Glen Williams C

Cheshire East Councillors

Cheshire East Ward:

Dave Brown C

Sally Holland C

Rob Moreton I

Cheshire West Ward:

George Hayes C

Emma Hall C

Heather Seddon L

*Archive Election Information*

On Thursday 4 May people living in Congleton, who are registered to vote, will be asked to choose who they would like to represent them on Cheshire East Council and Congleton Town Council from May 2023 – 2027. You will get a chance to vote at the polling station. Or you can apply for a postal vote, or a proxy vote where you nominate someone to vote on your behalf. All the seats are contested, meaning there are more people who would like to represent you than places available. There are 47 people who want to be town councillors, and 22 places. There are 21 candidates standing to be a Cheshire East Councillor for the six roles available. You can see full details of who is asking for your vote using the links below. The links take you to the information held on Cheshire East Council’s website. Cheshire East Council is responsible for managing the elections.

Congleton North Ward (roughly Lower Heath) – 4 seats

Congleton Central Ward (roughly Town Centre and Newcastle Road) – 4 seats

Congleton West Ward (roughly West Heath) – 4 seats

Congleton North East (roughly Bromley Farm, Buglawton and Timbersbrook) – 5 seats

Congleton South East (roughly Mossley) – 5 seats

11 people wish to represent you as your Congleton East Ward Councillor on Cheshire East Council (3 posts)

10 people wish to represent you as your Congleton West Ward Councillor on Cheshire East Council (3 posts)

Key Dates for Voters

16 January  – site went live for Voter Authority Certificates for those without photo id – you can see more on the government website for voter authority certificates if not able to go on-line then the staff at Congleton library can help you apply, including taking the photo.

27 March – Poll Cards will start to be delivered (voting cards)

17 April (midnight) – last chance for the public to register to vote. Can do so online at the .gov website

18 April (5pm)  deadline for requests for new postal votes applications

18 April  – expected date when postal votes will start to be dispatched

22 April – expected date to start opening postal votes (candidate or appointed agent may attend). It will not be possible to see how people have voted as all ballot papers will be kept face down.

25 April (5pm ) deadline for new Proxy applications

26 April  (5pm) deadline for appointment of polling and counting agents

4 May (7am – 10pm) 292 Polling Stations Open (if all elections contested)

4 May – 10pm – verification of all polls will commence and be completed

5 May  – 2pm  – start the Borough Council count

7 May  – 10am – start the town and parish counts.

12 June (tbc) – latest date for candidate expenses returns – including NIL returns if no money spent.

Full details of qualifications and disqualifications for being a councillor can be see at the Electoral Commission website section on standing in a parish council

Once elected, the 22 councillors will be expected to work together on policy and direction, attend regular council meetings and make decisions on services and budgets. Councillors can expect to be contacted by residents about local issues, and they may be appointed to outside groups.

Town councillors are not paid.

Potential Councillors can find out more about the role of a Councillor from the ask your Council website where there a downloadable copy of the Good Councillor 2016 guide.

Get ready to vote on 4 May 2023

Cheshire East Council maintains the electoral database. If you are new to the area or not registered you can register on line at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.  If you need a postal or proxy vote you can use the .gov website or email electoral.information@cheshireeast.gov.uk. This year the government has ruled that everyone voting at the polling station must show original official photo ID, such as passport, driving licence, proof of age, blue badge scheme. If you do not have valid photo ID you can apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate. For full details see: www.electoralcommission.org.uk