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Bystander Intervention

By-Stander Intervention  

Click on the link to take you to a page which will help you to make choices that could help support the victim of harassment, hate crime and bullying, to name but a few situations.  We are all bystanders in our everyday lives, and we intervene without realising that we have.  It could be as simple as telling someone to take a taxi home rather than driving, after a night out, to asking a person is okay after someone had shouted at them in the street.

This module highlights what safe actions you can take when faced with a situation.  The 5D’s are well known and proven steps to take in these circumstances.

Please click on the link to the BYSTANDER INTERVENTION MODULE PACK and share with your network.

Neighbourhood Watch was founded in New York in 1964, where it was rumoured that there were 38 bystanders who did not intervene, when a young woman called Kitty was brutally murdered, near where she lived.  From that incident, the bystander effect and Neighbourhood Watch were conceived. On the Neighbourhood Watch web site there is a magnitude of advice and examples of where being that “Active Bystander” really makes a difference, such as the  Street Harassment campaign and our young people’s drugs know more campaign. 

Bystander Interaction  – how you can support other friends, families and members of the community that are being harassed or feeling uncomfortable due to the actions of others