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White Ribbon Working Group

The following members sit on this Working Group:

Recent Achievements

  • More than 60 people made the White Ribbon Promise on 27 November 2021 when the group held a stall inside the town hall during the 16 day White Ribbon Campaign
  • The group held a stall on White Ribbon Day in Congleton Town Centre on 10 July 2021 – another successful day despite ongoing COVID restrictions
  • The White Ribbon Group attended a workshop on 9 November 2021 to hone their skills and plan activities for White Ribbon Day on 25 November. See more: White Ribbon Ambassadors limber up for 16 days of action
  • The group held a stall on White Ribbon Day in Congleton Town Centre on 10 July 2021 – another successful day despite ongoing COVID restrictions
  • A further 21 people made the promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women
  • Two residents volunteered to work with the group on future promotion and awareness 
  • Donations from members of the public were gratefully to support the campaign
  • The town council has been supportive of My Cheshire Without Abuse setting up weekly domestic abuse clinics in the Old Saw Mill. In its first year this clinic has seen 161 referrals, supported 62 victims (57 female and 5 male) of which 23 were assessed to be at high risk of death or serious harm

White Ribbon Day 2021

White Ribbon ambassadors were back in Congleton on Saturday 27 November to coincide with the 16 day national White Ribbon campaign. The stall was part of the Makers Market inside the Town Hall (due to the storm)! White Ribbons were tied on town centre lampposts and the White Ribbon flag flew from the town hall. The day was a huge success with more than 60 residents signing up to make the White Ribbon Promise.

See the full press release here:

The White Ribbon Ambassadors compiled a series of videos to explain the importance of the White Ribbon group in Congleton and how #AllMenCan step up to prevent violence and abuse. Watch the full playlist here: White Ribbon Video Playlist

Purpose: To promote the White Ribbon values and behaviours as a White Ribbon Town Council. White Ribbon UK was founded in 2005 and is part of a global movement to end male violence against women. It is a charity that works with men and boys to challenge those male cultures that lead to harassment, abuse and violence.  For public bodies, White Ribbon accreditation is evidence that an organisation is carrying out its Public Equality Duty for employees, members and service users according to the Equality Act 2010, and this is consistent with CTC’s own Equality & Inclusion Policy. To be accredited, the council must take certain actions and promote the work of White Ribbon.


  • Strategic Leadership- Ensuring policy and practice is compatible with the behaviours required, and creating White Ribbon Ambassadors
  • Engagement- Training Councillors and staff initially, then reaching out more widely e.g.- through Congleton Partnership
  • Culture- Taking action to stamp out sexism and a willingness to report and deal with inappropriate behaviours
  • Raising Awareness- Outreach into the wider community through a broader Communications Plan, encouraging other organisations to become White Ribbon Accredited

Previous Achievements:

  • The group launched a Facebook Group for men who want to discuss strategies to talk about VAWG in their peer groups. See: https://www.facebook.com/groups/congletonwhiteribbon
  • Attended a CeCP meeting with myCWA to offer materials for teachers to address the issues of domestic abuse in schools.
  • Members of the group are supporting Alsager Town Councillors who have become White Ribbon Ambassadors and are interested in Accreditation.
  • The group held a stall on White Ribbon Day in Congleton Town Centre on 12th December 2020 – a successful day despite the adverse weather conditions and COVID-19 restrictions
  • Another 20 people made the promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women
  • Further donations were received from members of the public to support the campaign
  • The group became aware of 10 survivors of Domestic Abuse
  • Achieved White Ribbon Accreditation for Congleton Town Council
  • Collaborated with the Police and Cheshire Without Abuse to get a Domestic Abuse clinic in Congleton (see news article)
  • Hosted a White Ribbon Launch event at Congleton Maker’s Market, with Prof Chris Green OBE (White Ribbon President), Saskia Lightburn-Richie (myCWA) and Supt Peter Crowcroft in attendance
  • Continued to support the public with information on DA in lockdown with our Staying Safe at Home information page
  • Inspector Kelly Johston from Congleton Community Police team has joined our WR Group
  • Put Domestic Abuse/Violence and Sexual Violence on the agenda of every Antisocial Behaviour Working Group and Community& Environment Committee meetings
  • Ran awareness sessions for staff and councillors
  • Been asked to help Alsager Town Council with their WR campaign
  • Arranging an awareness session Congleton PubWatch
  • Elected a new Chair of our group – Cllr Robert Hemsley
  • The White Ribbon Group ran two stalls in Congleton Town Centre during 2019, including at the Christmas Lights Switch On to mark White Ribbon Day (25th November). Domestic Abuse rises at Christmas/New Year so it is important to have a reminder of the White Ribbon values at that time
  • The Town Council approved the accreditation process and fee
  • Many people in Congleton have talked to the group about the violence or abuse they have seen or experienced, which highlights the need for this action in the town
  • More than 200 Congleton residents have so far made the White Ribbon Promise: “ I will never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women”

Partners: This group collaborates with the following:

How Can You Help: Do you work with a community group, charity or youth group that might have some contribution to make? Do you have knowledge or ideas about shaping positive behaviours or combatting gender-based violence? Please get in touch to send us your ideas or volunteer to help, email us at info@congleton-tc.gov.uk


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