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Website Development Working Group

The following members sit on this Working Group:

Purpose: The existing V3 Town Council website has been in place since 2016 and has grown organically. As such it is now unwieldy in both the volume and organisation of content, and is in need of an overhaul to better meet the needs of diverse groups of users – including residents, visitors and businesses, with a plethora of requirements and points of view.

Further, the website was developed ‘mobile friendly’, not ‘mobile first’, and in this and other
ways it is not making best use of current standards for outstanding website user experience.
Congleton Town Council has created a Task-and-Finish Group of Councillors and Officers to
oversee the procurement and development of its new website.

Objectives: Our vision is that the new Congleton Town Council website will be a ‘one-stop-shop’ or ‘hub’ of information and services for all our Congleton stakeholders – residents, businesses and visitors.

The website must cover all the mandatory information that a town/parish council must provide and must meet all the relevant usability and accessibility criteria laid down by NALC and other bodies for a public-service website.

But beyond this, we want our website to engage, entertain, surprise and support people, and be
part of the reason they want to be in Congleton, to live, to work, for pleasure, or all three.

The website should reflect our position as ‘The Little Town with the Big Heart’.

Website Business Objectives

  1. Increase engagement with Congleton Town Council.
  2. Increase understanding of CTC’s responsibilities and work.
  3. Provide value to residents, visitors, businesses.
  4. Meet our statutory requirements – information provided and accessibility.
  5. Be the “go-to place” to signpost people (a ‘Beacon’ or ‘Hub’ of Congleton info)
  6. Increase bookings for the Town Hall
  7. Sell our shop products and tickets to local events (via the information centre).
  8. Sell Congleton itself to residents, visitors and businesses.

Our Website User’s Objectives (what do people want?)

  1. Be a Trusted source of information on Congleton.
  2. Use Congleton Information Centre outside of hours, including to book tickets.
  3. Contact and find out about the Council.
  4. Find interesting information about Congleton and things to do here.
  5. Book the Town Hall.