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Work Starting on Congleton Park Bridges

Local people are being advised that maintenance and remedial work on the two bridges leading from Hankinson’s field area into Congleton Park, starts on Monday 4thFebruary and will lead to a narrowing of the bridges during the works. Pedestrians, wheelchairs uses and cyclists are expected to be able to use both bridges at all times.

The seven week repair and maintenance programme will start on the bridge by the bowling green, later moving to the main bridge by the Pavilion. Workers will be on site Monday-Friday from 8am – 4pm. The bridges will not be completely shut off at any point, unless they find a major structural issue and then for safety reasons the full bridge will be closed.

The works have been issued by Cheshire East Council Asset team, consisting of: removal of shrub growth at the base and edges, general repair and maintenance and full paint of all metal work to both bridges, removal of trip hazard lumps in the concrete of the bowling green bridge, replacement of anti-slip decking strips on the Pavilion bridge.

Congleton Town Council welcomes the investment for these bridges to help make the park look its best.

For further information contact Cheshire East, tel: 0300 123 5500.