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Town Council pledge to go Low Mow

This May and throughout the growing season, Congleton Town Council have demonstrated its commitment to improving nature and the environment by taking the pledge to become an all-year-round Low Mow town.

Ruth Burgess, Streetscape Development Manager said: “The decision taken by the council to become an all year round ‘Low Mow’ Town was implemented for many reasons, namely it will see bees and other pollinators flourish, improve habitats for wildlife and help in the fight against climate change. We hope to encourage as many residents and organisations as a possible to join in to help combat the declining insect population and tackle climate change.

Ruth continues: “The current climate emergency presents the council and the community with challenges that we cannot ignore. The new schedules will see reduced grass cutting in various areas, with some agreed spaces left completely unmown. This includes parks, communal green spaces, recreational areas, and residential open spaces valued in Congleton and used by hundreds of people.

Residents will see mowing schedules vary from area to area depending on what’s deemed safe and practical. Council officers have assessed each location to decide how it will be managed. Even where grass is cut less often, Streetscape will regularly visit to maintain the area. In certain parks and recreational areas, the outskirts will be left long giving nature and wildlife the opportunity to thrive, with a balance of short grass to allow safe play and sports. At the end of the growing season, Streetscape will conduct a final cut and neaten everything up before winter.”

Ruth concludes: “The town council have learnt valuable lessons from the principles of leaving grass to grow wild. The new ‘relaxed’ approach has evolved from the technical and practical experience gained first hand by the town council’s Streetscape operatives. An increasing number of councils across the UK are adopting similar sustainable regimes and more environmentally friendly maintenance plans.”