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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We can all significantly reduce the waste we generate by:

  • Reducing what we use, especially single-use plastics and paper
  • Reuse wherever possible  
  • Where reduction and reuse are not possible, recycle everything we can


Everything we produce and consume has an impact on the environment in some way. Making careful decisions about what we buy can have a huge impact.  Cutting consumption and waste is the best way to help the environment. A few key changes you could make are

  • Consider if you really need to replace an item rather than restore or repair it.
  • Reduce consumable waste, for example
    • Avoid buying products in single-use plastic
    • Using real nappies instead of disposables
  • Reduce food waste by meal planning, cooking with leftovers (e.g. soup) and composting kitchen waste. Also see our Food page <link>


If we reuse items we avoid disposing of them and save money too. For example you can:

  • save glass jars, plastic tubs and tins to use for storage
  • use reusable coffee/tea/water cups/bottles and shopping bags
  • reuse envelopes and other packaging to send letters or parcels instead of buying new
  • Give things you don’t want to charity instead of throwing them away

Congleton Repair Café

Reusing items may mean repairing them instead of replacing them. Congleton has a monthly Repair Café at the Old Saw Mill where you can bring stuff and have experts repair them.  The Repair Café is on the last Saturday of the month.

You can get a variety of things fixed such as electricals (including PAT Testing), clothes, bikes, mechanical goods and more. Learn more about the Congleton Repair Café on Facebook

The BIG Clothes Movement (formerly Cheshire Kids Clothes Swap)

This is another great idea, how fast do children grow out of clothes? Bring along very good quality clothes and swap them for what you need! Targeted at ages 0-6 years of age. The group have expanded into women’s events (and hope to grow further in the future) – bring a bag and fill it with pre loved women’s clothes, shoes and accessories. Chose pre-loved clothing to help the environment and your purse! Events are held at The Old Saw Mill and other local venues, visit their Facebook page for future dates: https://www.facebook.com/kidsswapshop

Buy Second-Hand

A great way to reuse is to buy items second-hand.  Congleton has a number of excellent second-hand and charity shops for clothes, toys, books, furniture, and much more.

You also second-hand shop online at Freecycle (https://www.freecycle.org/) or on Facebook (see Congleton Buy and Sell Group and of course EBay.


If you really cannot reuse or reduce, please recycle wherever possible.

Watch the video to check out many of the things you can recycle at home:

https://youtu.be/sLktjtlXCNo    (embed on page)

Cheshire East operates kerbside recycling for residents of Congleton. The silver recycling bin can take most products that can be recycled, including paper, foil, card, cans, cartons, food trays aerosols (without lids), plastic bottles. All items must be loose, clean and free from food or oils.  See image.

Extract from Cheshire East Leaflet ‘Leave it Loose’

Plant and Food waste

Plants, flowers, tree branches, clippings and all food waste including tea bags go in your green or brown garden bin.

Even better, why not start home composting and re-using your waste on your own garden?  Compost is an inexpensive, natural fertiliser, transforming your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden. It’s easy to make and use.

Learn more about how to set up home composting here.

Changes to Garden Waste Collection Service

From January 2024, if you would like Cheshire East Council to continue collecting your garden bin, you will need to be signed up to the garden waste recycling scheme.

You will be able to subscribe from 2 October 2023 and the scheme will go live from 15 January 2024. Residents can subscribe via a dedicated webpage and view the responses to a range of frequently asked questions: Garden bin subscription (cheshireeast.gov.uk)

It’s quick & easy to sign up, download this leaflet for full details:

Waste and Recycling Resources

More details of what goes in each bin and further ideas on recycling using 3rd party services can be found on the Cheshire East Website.

You can also see a video of what happens to your waste and recycling in Cheshire East, here:


You might also like to take the ‘Things We Buy’ module of the Sustainable Living in Congleton elearning course.

ANSA provides a very useful series of educational videos on their website ‘Waste a Minute’ page, explaining what to do with just about every kind of waste in Cheshire East.

Another useful resource with lots of information on reducing waste, reuse and recycling is the Recycle Now website

Terracycle drop-off points in Congleton

There are a growing number of sites across Congleton accepting hard to recycle items including medicine blister packs, food wrappers, dental care products and personal care items. The drop off points only accept certain items and brands and have set criteria to avoid receiving lots of non-acceptable items.

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Last updated: 16th November 2022