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Popular Paddling Pool to limit its numbers

A popular free tourist attraction in Congleton is introducing a maximum limit on the number of people in the area at any one time following health and safety guidance.

Congleton Town Council is alerting users of the paddling pool in Park Road Congleton that the number of people admitted into the area will be limited to a maximum of 150.  This may mean that on very hot, popular days two sessions will be introduced one from 10am – 1.45pm and one from 2.15pm – 6.00pm.  At the end of the first session everyone will need to leave the enclosure. Those turning up when a session is full will be offered a ticket to the next session.

The pool is managed by Congleton Town Council. Chief Officer, David McGifford, said: “On very hot days Congleton Paddling Pool attracts people from miles around. We have a duty of care to the users and have taken advice on maximum numbers which has led to a capacity of 150 people being introduced.”

He continued: “On recent sunny weekends when the temperatures have hit the high 20s the maximum number of people wanting to use the pool was 121, so we do not anticipate that the two sessions will be needed very often. However, we are getting prepared ahead of the school holidays in case we are lucky enough to get some really warm weather. We will also be making sure that two Paddling Pool Attendants are on duty during the busiest times.”

Congleton Paddling Pool will remain open daily from 10am – 6pm until Sunday 10th September. During wet weather the Town Council reserves the right to close the pool.