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Oatcakes Galore

Oatcake Tossing
Under 12s: – Rory (46); Rebecca (37); Igor (36)

Throwing Oatcakes through the Jess Chef

Under 12s – Igor, Mea and Jessica joint silver, Eva and Jenna joint bronze

Over 12s – Claire Jones – Gold

Oatcake Hopscotch

Lydon (gold); Nicole (silver); Laura (bronze)

Oatcake Rings

Under 12s – Jack (100) Gordon M (70) Lucas (60)

Over 12 – ‘Auntie Helen’ (300)

Due to the complicated scoring it was not possible to work out the overall winners immediately. They can now be announced as; GOLD – IGOR SILVER – EVA BRONZE – LUCAS and their medals can be collected from the Tourist Information Centre in the Town Hall. ENDS

12 & over – Diana (58), Margaret H (51); Margaret Williamson (50)

There was lots of fun to be had with oatcakes in Congleton Town Centre as part of National Oatcake Day on Wednesday 8 August. Over 40 people took part in an ‘Oatcake-athlon’ where contestants had to take part in a number of games including tossing and throwing oatcakes!
Oatcakes are a regional Staffordshire food – but are also popular in Congleton. It is similar to a savoury pancake and very filling. Traders on the Congleton Business Association wanted to celebrate the day – both to draw attention to this type of food and to bring some fun into the town centre on what can be a quiet Wednesday morning. Congleton Town Council supported the initiative.
Beartown FM, a new community radio station entertained the crowd, while staff from Top Nosh cooked up some oatcakes and Bread and Basil gave free drinks to those taking part in the games. Congleton Oatcake shop in Lawton Street supplied the oatcakes for the games – adding an extra ingredient to make them more durable!
DJ Terry Bossons, who initiative National Oatcake Day back in 2010 attended the event and praised Congleton for taking part – throwing out a challenge to Stoke City Council to join in next year.
Team Congleton supplied a podium and medals for the Oatcake games – there were gold, silver and bronze medals up for grabs in both the under 12 and over 12 age groups – although due to the popularity of the games many adults had to step aside for the youngsters.

The winners were: