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Local War Veteran- Captain Robert Hollinshead

With the 75th anniversary of VE Day upon us, we have been sent in some pictures and information on local World War II Veteran, Captain Robert Hollinshead.

Captain Robert Hollinshead, MBE, RAC (Royal Armoured Corps- 4th/ 7th Royal Dragoon Guards Regiment), served in the Second World War and took part in the D-Day landings. He was awarded an MBE for his services in the military, after receiving this, Capt. Hollinshead became the Major of the rank.

Capt. Hollinshead sends his best wishes to the other World War II Veterans still alive in Congleton.

Gallery below:

  • Captain Robert Hollinshead- age 102 years
  • Signed letters received from King George
  • Group picture, taken late 1944 on the regiments journey to Germany, Capt. Hollinshead pictured sat in the middle of the turret. This time 75 years ago they would have been on the outskirts of Bremerhaven. By VE Day, out of a regiment of approx. 600; 176 were killed and 93 tanks lost.
  • Sign in Arromanches, France- for the returning veterans
  • Meeting Randolph Churchill- Winston Churchill’s Great Grandson
  • June 2019 returning to Normandy on 75th Anniversary of D-Day, pictured with current members of his regiment- Royal Dragoon Guards.