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Improving Green Spaces

This month, the town council are asking people to give some love to the environment and are highlighting issues around Biodiversity. Accelerating climate change means that it is no longer acceptable to wage war on the natural world with herbicides, pesticides and wall-to-wall mowing. As part of the climate and nature emergency Congleton Town Council commissioned work to create plans to improve the biodiversity of 30 green spaces in Congleton.

The 30 sites have been evaluated and improvements suggested, which will be subject to consultation and funding. The initial focus will be on Quinta Park, Back Lane, Stirling Close, land off Hillfields Close, Redfern Avenue, Windsor Place and Blackshaw Close.

The Biodiversity improvement project will be launched at Stirling Close at 11am on 6 April. Staff will be available to explain more about the sites and for those willing to get more involved there will be a chance to learn about hedge planting, tree planting and maintaining green spaces. All the plans can be seen on the biodiversity pages at www.congleton-tc.gov.uk. The sites in bold are the priority sites where work is starting first. The plan is that over time each site will have its own ‘friends’ group.

There are also plenty of hints and help for increasing Biodiversity in your own garden – with some great advice from Cheshire Wildlife Trust website. We would love as much support as possible and the town council would welcome your feedback and assistance with these important projects.