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Congleton’s White Ribbon Campaign 2020

18-day Focus on the White Ribbon Campaign to reduce Violence and Abuse

Congleton Town Council will be putting an extra focus on its White Ribbon campaign from now until the 12th December and are hoping the many residents and organisations will make the pledge and join in this important campaign to reduce violence and abuse towards women and girls.

Male violence towards women goes back a very long way and remains shockingly prevalent. Sadly, this year has seen a significant increase in violence, harassment and abuse towards women during the coronavirus pandemic. During COVID-19 the National Domestic Abuse Helpline saw a 77% increase in calls for help in June and it also reported domestic violence increases during Christmas holidays.

The statistics on abuse are stark:

✯ Over 25% of women suffer domestic violence at some point in their lives.

✯ At least two women a week are murdered by their current or former partner.

✯ Just over 86% of the victims of domestic abuse are women.

✯ 90% of the perpetrators are men.

✯ Male on female abuse is generally much more severe.

✯ The NSPCC estimates that 20% of children have been exposed to domestic violence, and one-third of these children also experience other forms of abuse within the home.

✯ It is estimated that nationally over 10,000 women are sexually abused each week.

Congleton Town Council was awarded White Ribbon accreditation in September 2020 for its role and actions in trying to help reduce violence and abuse. This includes public events, as well as helping to establish a Domestic Abuse Clinic in Congleton.

National White Ribbon Day is on Wednesday 25th November and is followed by 16 days (or in Congleton’s case 18 days) of action to allow communities, organisations and workplaces to come together to say a resounding ‘No’ to violence against women. The intention is to generate action that will continue throughout the year.

Chair of the Congleton White Ribbon Working Group, Cllr Robert Hemsley said: “Lockdown has curtailed our planned public participation activities for White Ribbon day and also our attendance at the now cancelled Makers Market on the 28th,  but we plan to have a stall in the town centre on 12th December, Covid regulations permitting. We will keep promoting the White Ribbon messages and are encouraging people to wear a white ribbon and renew their promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women. There is no single cause of violence against women, but change can happen when men think about their own behaviour and positively influence that of their friends’.

Other members of the Congleton White Ribbon Working Group are: David McGifford, Cllr Kay Wesley, Cllr Robert Douglas, Cllr George Hayes, Cllr Mark Rogan, Richard Walton and Peter Munro.

Individuals can make their promise or find out more online at www.whiteribbon.org.uk. Congleton organisations, clubs or employers interested in gaining their own accreditation can contact the White Ribbon team via info@congleton-tc.gov.uk and a member of the team will be pleased to talk to you about the process.