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Congleton Town Council 2020

New Business Plan

Congleton Town Council’s approved Business Plan for 2020-2023 has a focus on climate change and reducing the town’s carbon footprint, the importance of making sure that services and infrastructure in Congleton keeps pace with the growth in Congleton’s population, as well as working towards reducing economic, social and health inequalities within our community.

Some of the key issues identified include the shortage of social housing, the lack of support for families, the climate emergency, the declining retail market and the need for sustainable transport and more promotion of our town.

Many of the priorities are the responsibility of other agencies such as Cheshire East Council, the NHS or national bodies, but Congleton Town Council has set itself the challenge of working in collaboration with others to drive change.

The 2020-2023 Business Plan can be found under the Publications section of the website.

CTC Share of Precept for 2020/21

Congleton Town Council is largely funded through a precept. This is added to your annual community tax collected by Cheshire East Council. Approximately 5% of your annual bill comes to the Town Council, with the majority going to Cheshire East, Cheshire Police and the Cheshire Fire Service. Additional income is raised through the hire of the Town Hall and specific grants and sponsorship.

From April 2020 the Town Council will increase its precept by 3.6% which makes the Town Council precept for an average Band D property £89.31 per year or £1.71 per week. This is 6p per week more than last year. Time and funding resources will be focussed towards activities which enable the Town Council to achieve the aims and objectives laid out in the Business Plan.