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Food & Drink Festival Accessibility Information

Congleton Food and Drink Festival  – Sunday 9 June This Sunday is the Congleton Food and Drink Festival in the town centre. As you’ll be aware the Equal Access Advisory Group has been looking into events and making them more disability friendly. The Congleton Food and Drink Festival, organised by Congleton Community Projects, is one of the biggest events in Congleton and the organisers have asked me to share the following information to help people with a disability to plan your visit.

The Food and Drink team suggests that anyone who wants to avoid crowds and/or noise at the Food and Drink Festival attends the event, early, between 10am and 11am. The Festival opens at 10.30am, but most stalls are set up by 10am and it is the quietest time of the day.  At this time there will be no music, no street entertainment and just the volunteers. Visitors will begin to trickle in,  but it is easy to get through town at this time.

The event has stewards available who can help show you around, if requested. If you need steward support, please report to the information tent in centre, of town in front of the old B&M building, which is on the corner of Market Street and the pedestrian area, and a request can be made over the radio.

There will be an art exhibition in Space – the TCM building which was the old B&M building on the corner of Market Street and the pedestrian area. There is a quiet seating area within the Space Building where you can sit and chill if feeling overwhelmed during the festival.  

There is an accessible toilet inside the Town Hall, which is part of the festival.

If you have any queries in advance of the festival please contact the event organiser, Jo Money on 07833 742200. Any issue on the day report to the information point in the pedestrian area and ask for a steward.

You can see lots more information about the festival at http://www.foodanddrinkfestival.net/