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Carnival Committee Grants

Local charities and other good causes in need of up to £200 have until Monday 9th September to get their applications into Congleton Carnival Committee.
Following the Congleton Carnival Committee annual meeting earlier this year, a new committee was formed to represent many groups and committees throughout the town, the aim being to organise an even bigger and better carnival for 2014 and beyond.

The collection held during 2012’s procession raised £1,800 thanks to the generosity of the crowds watching the parade. The Carnival group agreed to round that up to £2,000 to be donated to a number of local charities and good causes.

Chairman of the Carnival Committee, Paul Bates said: “We put out an appeal via the press last month and although we have had some very good applications, members of the group felt that due to holidays it was possible that many groups were unaware of Carnival’s offer. We want to give as many local groups as possible to have the opportunity to apply for this cash. We have put a closing date of 9 September so applications can be given to the sub-group at the next Carnival meeting on the 10th September.
The committee is inviting applications from charities, good causes and community projects for donations up to £200. All applications will be considered on merit by members of the committee and the money will be allocated to the most deserving applicants.

Apply in writing giving details of the project, who will benefit from the project, overall costs and how the £200 will make a difference to the projects. Applications should be sent to Jackie MacArthur either by e-mail onjm@congletontowncouncil.co.uk or by letter to Mrs J MacArthur, Congleton Town Council, Town Hall, High Street, Congleton CW12 1BN.