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Bag It, Tie It, Bin It

The Friends of Congleton Park are sending a clear message to all dog owners who are irresponsible and leave the dog faeces from their pet for someone else to take home.

The Friends have put up a number of posters around the perimeter of Congleton Park supplied by Keep Britain Tidy demonstrating how easy it is for dog owners to clean up after their pet. The posters show in easy steps what needs to be done to ensure the park is free of dog mess which has a negative impact on all visitors.

Dog faeces may contain worms that can cause serious eye disorders in adults and children. Worms can be reduced by regularly worming your dog. The existence of  dog faeces discourages all visitors including children from visiting the park if it’s a dumping ground for dog faeces.
It is so easy, quick and cheap to get rid of the problem as most responsible dog owners manage each time they visit the park. However there are a minority of dog owners who repeatedly fail to pick up after their dogs even though it only takes a few seconds, is clean by using a plastic bag and there are many bins in the park where the waste can be safely deposited.

So the Friends of Congleton Park message to all dog owners who visit the park is “Don’t leave it for someone else to take home. Bag it, tie it, bin it”.
To report areas where dog fouling is an issue, call Cheshire East Council’s Dog Wardens on 0300 123 5021.

Glen Williams, Chairman of the Friends of Congleton Park and Congleton Town Councillor said “We welcome all responsible dog owners into Congleton Park but unfortunately there are an unacceptable number who spoil the park by not cleaning up after their dog. For just £1, owners can purchase a dog poop scoop and supply of bags to comply with the law and not risk a fine of up to £1000 or worse the blinding of a child. Congleton Park is a very popular and pleasant place to visit and by cleaning up after your dog will ensure it remains so. The posters recently put up in the park act as a reminder and raises the awareness of the issue”.

If you wish to get involved in helping us to improve Congleton Park, visit the Friends of Congleton Park website www.friendsofcongletonpark.co.uk.
Glen Williams

Chairman, Friends of Congleton Park