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Congleton Market Working Group

**Please Note – With effect from 12th May 2022 – The Congleton Market Working Group activity has now been incorporated into the Congleton Regeneration Working Group

The following members previously sat on the Congleton Market Working Group:

**Minutes of Meetings for the Congleton Market Working Group will not be made public due to commercial sensitivities.

Purpose: Congleton Town Council have been asked by the Market Traders to look into the possibility of the Town Council taking over the management and responsibility of Congleton Market. This request aligns itself to points 4.1 and 8.3 of the Town Council’s Business Plan;

4.1- Engage with land owners and Cheshire East Council (CEC) Planning to promote the regeneration of key sites within the town e.g.- Bridestones/ Market Area, Bossons’ Mill, Bradshaw House, former Council Office site on Market Sqaure- provision of an additional hotel

8.3- Explore opportunities to acquire additional assets and services that will benefit the community

Budget: This working group has no budget allocated to this work and will report back to the Community and Environment Committee with updates from meetings and ultimately its findings and recommendations.


  • To review the current operating model of the Market which is in the ownership of Cheshire East Council (CEC) and managed by Ansa
  • To review with CEC the profitability of the Market
  • To establish if an alternative working model is achievable which would enable continuity of the Market
  • The willingness of CEC to transfer the operation of the Market to the Town Council
  • Establish options for future ownership of the site

Partners: This group collaborates with the following: