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Anti-Social Behaviour Working Group

The following members sit on this Working Group:

  • Cllr Kay Wesley– Chair
  • Cllr Amanda Martin – Vice Chair
  • Cllr Rob Moreton – Deputy Mayor
  • Cllr Denis Murphy
  • Cllr Dawn Allen
  • Glen Williams- Chair of Bromley Farm Community Group
  • Sgt. John Roberts- Cheshire Police
  • Jackie MacArthur- Congleton Town Council – Communities and Marketing Manager and Deputy Chief Officer
  • Ruth Burgess- Congleton Town Council – Streetscape Development Manager
  • Julia Pestell Hassell- Cheshire East Council
  • Paul Bestwick – Cheshire East Council

Purpose: To monitor, address and reduce crime and antisocial behaviour and its underlying causes in Congleton. This Working Group reports to the Community & Environment Committee, where any significant policy or funding decisions are made.


Monitor crime and ASB incidence in Congleton over time with a goal of year-on-year reduction this includes:

  • Identify ASB and drug/alcohol ‘hotspots’ and recommend solutions for them – e.g. policing, Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs), community work.
  • Track domestic violence and sexual offences and support cross-agency solutions and prevention work
  • Understand the incidents of hate crime and consider prevention tactics
  • Monitor speeding/traffic offences and prevention work

Monitor the success of the Congleton CCTV service and recommend additional such services where relevant.

Monitor rough sleeping in Congleton and ensure that people have access to the right services and support.

Work to identify opportunities to engage people, especially young people, such that antisocial behaviour does not develop in the first place

Partners: This group collaborates with the following:

How Can You Help: Do you work with a community group, charity or youth group that might have some contribution to make?  Do you have knowledge or ideas about making Congleton safer and reducing or removing crime and antisocial behaviour?  Please get in touch and send us your ideas, or even volunteer to help, email us at info@congleton-tc.gov.uk