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Town Strategy

The Town Strategy was produced by a team of about 28 people drawn from a variety of sectors within the community of Congleton and included 3 of the surrounding parishes Astbury cum Morton, Brereton and Somerford.
The varied views and opinions of the team were coalesced into the Town Strategy which was taken forward by Cheshire East as part of the emerging Local Plan.
The document has been shaped by working with the members of the local community to develop a strategy to guide the future planning of Congleton. The workshops which took place to produce the Strategy, discussed how the Town Strategy should meet the future needs of the town to make it an even better place over the next 20 years
The strategy document will form part of a collection of documents and assessments which will inform the Cheshire East Local Plan
The team started by producing a vision for Congleton, then produced a plan which took into account the following issues:-

Economic prosperity
The Town Centre
Community infrastructure

The team suggested that securing economic growth and more employment was one of the most important prerequisites of the Plan and identified some new employment sites to facilitate this requirement. To make the town vibrant we want to deliver 3500 new homes in the 20 year period. But also want to see improvements to our leisure and sporting facilities as well as improvements to schools and education facilities to match any increase in population
In terms of transport improvements, to improve the integration of transport in the town was considered vital as was the inclusion of a Northern By Pass

To view a full copy of the Town Strategy click here.

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