Finance and Policy Committee

This Committee reviews the financial performance of the council against the approved budget, approves proposals for expenditure and reviews where necessary policies of the Council

The following members sit on this committee:

  • Councillor Robert Douglas- Chair
  • Councillor Russell Chadwick- Vice Chair
  • Councillor Duncan Amies
  • Councillor David Brown
  • Councillor Paul Duffy
  • Councillor George Hayes
  • Councillor Jean Parry
  • Councillor Rob Moreton
  • Councillor Mark Rogan
  • Councillor James Smith

There will be 15 minutes available at each meeting to receive any questions from Members of the Public, either verbally at the meeting and including those which have been received in writing 7 days prior to the meeting.

All meetings start at 7.00pm unless otherwise stated.

Upcoming Meetings:

  • Thursday 13th February 2020
  • Thursday 19th March 2020



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