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VE Day 2020

Bank Holiday Friday 8th May was the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) day ‘a shared moment of celebration’. Due to the current pandemic and social distancing the majority of VE Day events were cancelled or postponed.

Congleton still marked this anniversary with messages spread across social media. Links to the videos below:

Congleton Town Council encouraged residents to join in the Nation’s Toast to the Heroes at 3pm followed by a virtual sing-a-long. Cllr Rob Moreton also organised a sing-a-long with some of Congleton’s care homes.

The links below are for downloadable ‘festival packs’ which helped decorate houses and gardens in Congleton:

Congleton Town Mayor Cllr Sally Ann Holland said “Even though we can’t celebrate together, this monumental anniversary should not be missed. It would be a great tribute if households across Congleton could join in the celebrations from their own homes and gardens, keeping our distance but still feeling part of the great community that we have in Congleton. I, along with many, will be joining the nation’s toast at 3pm to thank those who gave so much!”