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Results of 2nd Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

Congleton Neighbourhood Plan thanks public for response to large questionnaire
Congleton Neighbourhood Plan team is busy analysing more than 930 questionnaires returned following the latest round of consultation on the Congleton Neighbourhood Plan.

The detailed questionnaire asked for public feedback on key areas such as housing, local economy, sustainability and environment, transport, town centre and heritage, health, well-being and education. The public had from the 18th December until the 25th January to respond – although if anyone wishes to have a late say comments will always be considered.

Speaking on behalf of the Congleton Neighbourhood Team, Jackie MacArthur said; “We would like to thank everyone who took the time and effort to fill in the questionnaire. The initial feedback has shown an overwhelming endorsement for the policy direction that the Neighbourhood Plan teams are developing. In most cases well over 85% of respondents either strongly agreed or agreed with the proposed policy. This is a clear mandate for inclusion in the Congleton Neighbourhood Plan.

Where opinion was more divided – for example key town centre roads having a 20mph limit – the groups will need to look at the policy idea in more detail to see whether or not it should go forward. The teams have almost 1,200 individual comments to consider. We are also looking at any variance in responses by geographical area, by age or by type of housing.  For example are the responses from the under 25s  the same as those aged 56 and over and do people who own their own home outright give the same answers to those in rented accommodation. Once we have the responses this will determine if more focussed work need in some areas.”

Almost two thirds of those who responded elected to enter the free prize draw to win £100. The three lucky winners were J Butler, Mr P Roberts and Mr S Massey. The Neighbourhood Plan team is sorting out a time for them to collect their £100 prizes.

Local people can keep up to date on the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan at www.mycongleton.org  This site also contains details about the themed group meetings, the evidence library and feedback from the first and second questionnaire.

The public will have a further chance to comment on the policies contained in the Congleton Neighbourhood Plan in May ahead of the draft plan being submitted to Cheshire East for the ‘Regulation 14’ consultation. The referendum on the plan is likely to be early in 2017.

If anyone still wishes to submit a paper questionnaire they can hand it in at the Tourist Information Centre. Or enter a late electronic entry at www.mycongleton.org

For the summary results of the survey click here