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Congleton Pubwatch


With the festive season fast approaching, Congleton-based pubs and clubs are cracking down on drug use in the town. Members of Congleton Pubwatch along with local police, Cheshire East Council and Congleton Town Council are taking a proactive approach to tackling drug possession and supply in an effort to give everyone a safe and happy time in Congleton this Christmas.

People can expect to see more drug searches being carried out by door staff, police showing more presence around Congleton in the run up to Christmas and more communication between the members of Pubwatch. People found with any illegal drugs, regardless of classification, will be reported to the police and other members of the group meaning the person found in possession will not gain entry to any other establishments that evening.

In addition, anyone found in possession of any illegal substances will be reported to the Pubwatch group at our monthly meeting and given an automatic 12 month ban from licenced premises in Congleton. The Congleton Pubwatch group wishes to ensure that Congleton remains a safe and enjoyable town for people to visit at any time of day and night and are taking a united front against illegal drugs

Recent searches have resulted in a number of bans already being given. The zero tolerance approach will continue into 2019. Anyone who is given a ban and then tries to still gain entry to a licensed premise in the town will be reported as a ban breach and it will be put to a vote at a Pubwatch meeting as to whether they are issued with a three month extension to their ban.

Pubwatch wants to encourage people to come to Congleton to enjoy the nightlife and believe that taking this zero tolerance stance on drugs will make the town a more comfortable environment for the staff working in our pubs and clubs as well as the customers out to have a good time in our town.