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Climate Emergency

Congleton Town Council declared a Climate Change Emergency on the 19th September 2019 at the Town Council Meeting and pledged to:

  • Make Congleton Town Council carbon neutral by 2025
  • In all discussions, debates and decision-making procedures ensure that the climate impact is thoroughly considered and recorded.
  • Report back on actions and plans within three months  (report to Community and Environment Committee on the 7th November 2019)

Now Congleton Green, a collaborative group made up of a wide range of interested people and organisations, is reaching out to make changes across Congleton. 

No-one has the answer, but together we all need to be part of the solution.

There are a number of groups working on initiatives helping to achieve this goal.

Congleton Sustainability Group  part of Congleton Partnership

Plastic Free Congleton – working to rid Congleton of single use plastic and clear up river ways. In June 2022 the group were awarded Plastic Free Communities Status by Surfers Against Sewage. Well done to all the businesses, schools, community groups, sports clubs and churches who have signed up to the scheme to remove and replace single use plastic from the town.

Congleton Green – working on a number of initiatives including Tree Planting in Congleton

Integrated Transport Group

Protecting Green and Open Spaces in Congleton – part of Congleton Neighbourhood Plan

Cheshire East Council and Congleton Town Council have set themselves the challenge of becoming carbon neutral by 2025. Could you set yourselves the same challenge?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has said that to do this we need to:

  • Buy less meat, milk, cheese and butter
  • Eat more locally sourced seasonal food – and throw less of it away
  • Drive electric cars but walk or cycle short distances; take trains and buses instead of planes
  • Use video conferencing instead of business travel
  • Use a washing line instead of a tumble dryer
  • Insulate homes; demand low carbon in every consumer product
  • Plant trees

Simple Steps!

  • Quit wasting energy- turn lights off when you leave the room, don’t leave appliances on stand-by but switch them off and save energy!  For 100 more ideas to Save Energy in the Home
  • Swap to energy saving light bulbs  – they may be more expensive to buy, but save energy and can last upto 10 times longer. Fitting just one compact fluorescent bulb can save £3to £6 per year 
  • Turning it down- turning your heating down by one degree centigrade could save £75 per year, or even more!  Energy saving tips

Sustainable & Environmental Objectives within Streetscape & In Bloom

Terracycle drop-off points in Congleton

There are a growing number of sites across Congleton accepting hard to recycle items including medicine blister packs, food wrappers, dental care products and personal care items. The drop off points only accept certain items and brands and have set criteria to avoid receiving lots of non-acceptable items. See Plastic Free Congleton for further details.

Recycling SchemeItems AcceptedItems Not AcceptedDrop-off Location
Medicine packsEmpty medicine blister packs from
any brand of
tablets, pills or capsules
Unused medicines (return these to 
your pharmacist for disposal)

Cardboard packets (silver bin)

Medicine bottles (silver bin)

Sprays, inhalers etc.
Superdrug Pharmacy, High Street

West Heath Pharmacy, West Heath Precinct

Day Lewis Pharmacy, (Readesmoor), West Street
Bread BagsAny brand of
bread loaf bags
Packaging for any other bakery  productsPlastic recycling collection points in local supermarkets
Crips packetsAny brand of
crisp packets
Crisp tubes (use Pringles scheme)

Bags for popcorn, pretzels 
(use the snacks packets scheme)

Bags for meat snacks
Plastic recycling collection points in local supermarkets
Cheese packetsPlastic packaging from
any brand of cheese pouches & wrappers

Plastic tubs & trays (silver bin)

Paper wrappers  (silver bin)

Cardboard boxes (silver bin)

Wooden boxes

Squeezy tubes

Individual plastic cheese wrappers
Dane View Cottage, 4 Hillfields

Cheese packetsAs above (any brand), plus nets from mini cheeses

Labels from Cathedral City Mini 6
As above plus: Aluminium foil wrappersHome of Feast, Mill Street, Buglawton
Kinder chocolateKinder products only:

Kinder chocolate wrappers

Kinder product packaging made of:
-Aluminium foil
-Flexible plastic
-Rigid plastic
Cardboard packaging  (silver bin)

Packaging from other brands
Dane View Cottage, 4 Hillfields
Ferrero chocolateFerrrero Collection & Rocher only:

Gold plastic trays

Transparent plastic boxes

Outer plastic wrappers

Individual aluminium wrappers
Individual paper cases   (silver bin)
Cardboard packaging  (silver bin)

Packaging from other brands
Dane View Cottage, 4 Hillfields
Handwash pumps & refill pouchesPumps only from hand wash bottles

These 3 brands only:
-Imperial Leather
-Bayley’s of Bond Street

Carex only:
Refill pouches & caps
Any other brands
Hand cream pumps
Plastic bottles from:
Hand wash/gel / cream
(silver bin)
Dane View Cottage, 4 Hillfields
Dental care productsAny brand of:

Electric toothbrush heads & covers

Electric flosser nozzles

Flossing sticks & interdental brushes

Dental floss containers

Electric or manual toothbrushes

Toothpaste tubes & caps
(see above)

Outer packaging materials
(silver bin)
Dane View Cottage, 4 Hillfields
Baby food pouchesAny brand of:

Baby food pouches
Pouch caps

Ella’s Kitchen
Snack wrappers
Other brands of snack packagingDane View Cottage, 4 Hillfields
Lavazza Eco capsulesLavazza Eco Cap capsules only:

For Nespresso machines

For Lavazza A Modo Mio machines
Any other brands

Other types of Lavazza capsules

Coffee bags 
(compost bin)

Cardboard or plastic packaging
(silver bin)
Dane View Cottage, 4 Hillfields
Personal care/make-up productsFlexible plastic or metallised plastic tubes from creams, ointments etc.

Flexible plastic facial wipe packaging

Used / empty:   
-Eye shadow compacts
-Highlighter / bronzer sticks
-Mascara tubes & wands
-Lipsticks, glosses & balms
Glass bottles, pots, tubs*

Plastic bottles, pots, tubs*

Plastic tubes or packaging NOT from the specified products

Body sprays
Cardboard packaging *

*Silver bin
Dane View Cottage, 4 Hillfields
Bayliss & Harding handwashing, bathing & showering productsBayliss & Harding brand only:

Flexible plastic tubes &
-Their caps
-Bottle caps
-Bottle pumps
Items from other brands

Plastic bottles
(silver bin)

Any other B&H products or packaging
Dane View Cottage, 4 Hillfields
Contact lensesAny brand of:

Soft, disposable contact lenses

Contact lens blister packaging

Foil from contact lens blister packs
Rigid gas-permeable lenses

Any form of hard lenses

Contact lens storage cases

Eye drop bottles
(silver bin)

Contact lens solution bottles
(silver bin)

Outer card box
(silver bin)
Boots, Bridge Street
Marigold glovesMarigold  brand only:

-Disposable gloves
-Durable gloves 
-Plastic packaging
Any other brand

Gloves for non-domestic use

Gloves used with harsh chemicals or unhygienic substances

Cardboard packaging
(silver bin)
Dane View Cottage, 4 Hillfields