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Scarborough Development

UPDATE January 2016

The Town Council is still waiting for news on this project. We understand that discussions are still taking place between Cheshire East and Scarborough Development about the future of the scheme.

UPDATE May 2014

All outstanding matters between Scarborough and Cheshire East have been concluded and the S106 Agreement signed. Scarborough has also completed a build over agreement with Tameside which allows them to construct over Princess Street.

Cheshire East are still of the opinion that the Scarborough Development could go ahead. Whilst the S106 agreement is signed there are still some outstanding issues to resolve concerning the lease agreement, but, these are believed to be relatively minor and most are now complete.

Morrison’s though won’t sign up to the development until all issues are resolved, but, the view is they are still interested


The Scarbrough Development, also known as the Princess Street Development and Bridestones 2 involves building a new supermarket, public square and other retail units in the area between Morrisons and Mill Street. It will raise the market up to ground level, with car parking underneath. The scheme has been in the planning stage for many years, and was scheduled for completion in 2012, however this has been delayed for various reasons.

The Council has contacted both the Developer Scarborough Developments and Cheshire East Borough Council to obtain an update on the status of the progress on negotiations to complete all the outstanding agreements related to the planning application.

Both parties have been working hard with the objective of completing all the outstanding matters before Christmas and in fact both had agreed a draft S106 Agreement in the second week in December. However, Cheshire East have stated that they need to have Marshalls who own the Bridestones 1 site, included in the S106 Agreement as a party to it, as some of the car parking spaces identified in the new development are located on land that they own.

This has held up the completion of the final document, although Scarborough have approached Marshalls directly to obtain their consent to the S106 Agreement

Whilst the S106 Agreement was not actually concluded before Xmas, all outstanding matters have now been resolved, but, the agreement needs to be signed by Scarborough, 2 Banks, Marshalls and Cheshire East. This process is expected to take about a week and it is anticipated to be fully signed by early next week when the Planning Consent Certificate can then be issued by Cheshire East.

Once the certificate is signed this then moves the process into the 13 week challenge and review period

Other outstanding issues are the land ownership of Princess Street. At the moment it is believed that Tameside Council who manage the Greater Manchester Pension Fund may own the street as they took over the financing of the original Bridestones 1 development via the pension fund, but, they are searching their records to verify this.

Other matters which need concluding include the Land and Developers agreement, but, again both parties are making good progress in this area and this should be concluded within the 13 week period

As a consequence construction is likely to start on the new supermarket in July 2013, with a construction agreement being signed in mid-May and the market moving in June